Transport Circular 19 of 2021


Department of Transport is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer with clear employment equity targets. Preference will be given to candidates whose appointment will assist the department in achieving its Employment Equity targets at these specific levels in terms of the Department’s Employment Equity Plan, therefore Coloured male/ female, Indian male / female and people with disabilities are encouraged to apply.


APPLICATIONS                       : Department of Transport, Private Bag X193, Pretoria, 0001 or hand deliver at the

159 Forum Building, Cnr Struben and Bosman Street, Pretoria for attention Recruitment Unit. Room 4034 or email to: [email protected]. (Email applications must be attached as one document to avoid non-delivery of the email, in the Subject Line make sure you indicate only the name of the post you applying for).

CLOSING DATE                      :           11 June 2021

NOTE                                         : Applications must be accompanied by new Z83 form, obtainable from any Public

Service Department, (or obtainable at and a recent updated comprehensive CV (previous experience must be comprehensively detailed, i.e. positions held and dates), as well as certified copies of all qualifications and ID document. Failure to submit the requested documents/information will result in your application not being considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The Department reserves the right not to fill the posts. All shortlisted candidates will be subjected to undertake a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job; the logistics will be communicated to candidates prior to the interviews. Recommended candidates will also be required to attend a generic managerial competency assessment after the interviews also take a note that National School of Governance (NGS) has introduce compulsory SMS pre-entry certificate with effect from 01 April 2020 as Minimum Entry Requirements for Senior Management Services and can be accessed through the following link: programme/. The competency assessment will be testing generic managerial competencies using the mandated DPSA SMS competency assessment tools. The successful candidate must disclose to the Director-General particulars of all registrable financial interests, sign a performance agreement and employment contract with the Director-General within three months from the date of assumption of duty. The successful candidate must be willing to sign an oath of secrecy with the Department. Applicants will be expected to be available for selection interviews and assessments at a time, date and place as determined by the Department. An offer letter will only be issued to the successful candidate once the following has been verified educational qualifications, previous experience, citizenship, reference checks and security vetting. Please note: Correspondence will only be entered into with short-listed candidates.




(Branch: Maritime Transport)

(Chief Directorate: Maritime Infrastructure & Industry Development) (Directorate: Maritime Industry Development and Economic Regulation) (Sub-Directorate: Maritime Industry Development and Economic Regulation)


SALARY                                    :           R1 057 326 per annum (Level 13), (All inclusive salary package) of which 30% can be structured according to individual needs.

CENTRE                                   :           Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                    :           A   recognised   NQF   level   7   in   Maritime   studies   or   B   Com   Transport

Economic/Transport Planning as recognized by SAQA and SMS pre-Entry certificate plus 6 -10 years relevant experience of which 5 years must be on MMS level. Note: The following will serve as a recommendation: Provides a vision, sets the direction for the component/unit and inspires others to plan, execute, deliver and   report   on   organisational   mandate;   Manages   and   encourage people,


optimisetheir inputs and effectively manages relationships in order to achieve organisational goals; Plans, manages, monitor and evaluates specific activities in order to deliver the desired outputs and outcomes (project planning, evaluation and reporting; Willing and able to deliver effectively and efficiently in order to put the spirit of customer service (Batho Pele) into practice; Initiate, supports and champions organisational transformation and change in order to successfully implement new initiatives and deliver on service delivery commitment; Knowledge of Public Management Financial Act (PFMA) and Treasury Regulation; Good communication skills (verbal and written); Computer literacy; Governance related to information; Compiles and manages budgets, controls cash flow, institutes risk management and administers tender procurement processes in accordance with generally recognised financial practices in order to ensure the achievement of strategic organisational objectives. Sound knowledge of the Public Administration regulations and procedures. Knowledge of the South African Maritime Transport environment. Knowledge of International maritime Treaties/Protocols (WTO/IMO), extensive knowledge of the Port Environment and structures. Complex problem solving and decision-making skills. Good organisational and interpersonal skills. Willingness to travel and work beyond normal working hours.

DUTIES                                     : The successful candidate will be responsible to: Ensure compliance with economic

policies and development of multilateral and bilateral agreements. Develop and implement the Maritime Industry Development Policy. Develop and implement a programme for training and development of artisans in the maritime transport industry. Implement and monitor the B-BBEE Charter by ensuring economic participation of historically disadvantaged individuals in the maritime industry. Develop and implement policy proposals to improve job creation in the maritime sector. Monitor the implementation of the National Ports Act and Commercial Ports Policy and make proposals for review, where required. Manage maritime economic regulation and analysis. Develop economic regulations to enhance the work of the Ports Regulator. Manage the promotion of the maritime industry locally, regionally and globally. Identify and establish stakeholder programs to enhance the development of maritime transport industry. Monitoring framework to report on economic participation of historically disadvantaged individuals in the maritime industry. Identify and establish stakeholder programs to enhance the development of maritime transport industry. Promote World Maritime Day by organizing the annual event in various ports. Participate in project teams to achieve a multi- disciplinary approach to meet set objectives of the Department. Develop methods to monitor projects or area progress and provide corrective solutions if necessary. Develop the definition of the project missions, goals, tasks and resources requirements. Provide guidance and adequate support for and development of the staff of the Directorate. Ensure compliance with all administrative requirements, regulations, rules and instructions pertaining to the branch. Establish and maintain governance and administrative system’s continuity within the work of the Directorate. Monitor quality control of work Directorate.

ENQUIRIES                              : Mr Mthunzi Madiya Tel No: (012) 309 3329

NOTE                                         : Candidates must quote name of the post for the abovementioned position on the

subject line when applying i.e. “Director Maritime Industry Development and Economic Regulation”



POST 19/66                              :           DEPUTY DIRECTOR: MARINE ENVIRONMENT PROTECTION REF NO:


(Branch: Maritime Transport)

(Chief Directorate: Maritime Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation) (Directorate: Maritime Safety, Security and Environment)

(Sub-Directorate: Marine Environment Protection)


SALARY                                    : R869 007 per annum (Level 12), (All salary inclusive package)

CENTRE                                   : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                    :          An  appropriate  Diploma  /   Degree  in  Environmental  Studies,   Environmental

Management or Environmental Science at recognised NQF level 6 or 7 as recognised by SAQA with a minimum of at least 5 years’ experience in the Maritime


sector. Experience in Marine environment will serve as an advantage. Note: The following will serve as a recommendation: An understanding of the Marine Environment matters; Basic Environmental Management administrative skill; Knowledge of Marine Environment Acts; Knowledge of the Maritime Transport environment; Knowledge of Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Treasury Regulations; Administer tender procurement processes in accordance with generally recognised financial practices in order to ensure the achievement of strategic organisational objective; Compiles and manages budgets; Plans, manages, monitors and evaluates specific activities in order to deliver the desired outputs and outcomes (Project planning, Evaluation & Reporting); Responsible for compiling the management reports; Manages and encourages people, optimise their outputs & effectively manages relationships in order to achieve organisational goals; knowledge of Batho Pele principle; Be able to work under pressure; Knowledge and skills: Research skill; Negotiation skill, Good interpersonal skill; Sound communication skill, computer skill, Excellent writing skill, Good organisational skill; Programme and Project management skill. Must be willing to travel nationally and internationally.

DUTIES                                     : The successful candidate will: Monitor and evaluate pollution prevention and

combating activities. Provide inputs into development of mandatory instrument of conventions. Implementation and monitoring instrument of convention / national legislation. Coordinate participation of the Department in the International Maritime Organisation (IMO). Liaise and ensure compliance with IMO instruments and Memorandum of Understanding. Management of the sub-directorate: Marine Environment Protection and operational planning for the sub-directorate.

ENQUIRIES                              :           Mr Metse Ralephenya Tel No: (012) 309 3032

NOTE                                         : Candidates must quote name of the post for the abovementioned position on the

subject line when applying i.e. “Deputy Director Marine Environment Protection”


POST 19/67                              :           DEPUTY DIRECTOR: INTERNATIONAL REF NO: DOT/HRM/2021/44

(Branch: Civil Aviation)

(Chief Directorate: Aviation Policy and Regulation) (Directorate: Multilaterals Affairs)

(Sub-Directorate: International)


SALARY                                    : R733 257 per annum (Level 11), (All salary inclusive package)

CENTRE                                   :           Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                    : Recognised NQF level 6/7 in Aviation related Disciples, Administration, Transport

Management, International Relations, as recognised by SAQA with at least five years’ experience in civil aviation of which 3 years must be at least at Assistant Director level. Experience in international civil aviation. ICAO recognised training will be an added advantage. Note: The following will serve as strong recommendations: Sound knowledge of the South African civil aviation sector; Knowledge and understanding of the Department’s roles in multilateral forums dealing with civil aviation issues. In-depth knowledge and understanding of South Africa’s role facilitating air transport, safety, security and environmental matters on civil aviation within the multilateral context; Sound understanding and knowledge of national, regional and international civil aviation institutional frameworks and initiatives; Excellent Management skills; Exposure to representing South Africa at international forums; international negotiation skills. Good skills in: presentation communication (verbal and written); report writing, negotiation in multi-disciplinary environment; project and process management, stakeholder management, conflict management; financial and budgeting; Knowledge of legal matters on civil aviation. Experience in engaging with all levels of Government and private stakeholders.

DUTIES                                     :          The   successful   candidate   will   establish   effective   communication   with the

International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), AFCAC and other international organisations in the civil aviation sector. Manage the State Letters and facilitate quality and timeous responses. Facilitate the implementation of relevant ICAO Resolutions by South Africa. Promote the development of South Africa’s interest relating to civil aviation. Manage the relationship between the Department of Transport and international multilateral civil aviation organisations. Facilitate South Africa’s fulfilment of its civil aviation regional and continental obligations. Facilitate regional agreements, conventions and protocols relating to civil aviation. Prepare


strategic reports on multilateral matters. Communicate with stakeholders and multilateral organisations. Co-ordinate relevant multilateral International Meetings, Events and Conferences. Maintain updated information of South Africa on the ICAO database. Manage the participation of South Africa on the ICAO Assembly and the re-election of South Africa on the ICAO Council. Manage the Sub- directorate International.

ENQUIRIES                              :           Ms Elizabeth Mpye Tel No: (012) 309 3446

NOTE                                         : Candidates must quote name of the post for the abovementioned position on the

subject line when applying i.e. “Deputy Director International”


POST 19/68                              :           DEPUTY DIRECTOR: INTERNAL HUMAN RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT REF

NO: DOT/HRM/2021/45

(Branch: Administration Office of the Chief Operations Officer) (Chief Directorate: Human Resource Management & Development) (Directorate: Human Resources Development & PMDS)

(Sub-Directorate: Internal Human Resource Development)


SALARY                                    : R733 257 per annum (Level 11), (All-inclusive salary package)

CENTRE                                   :           Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                    :           A three year Bachelor Degree (NQF Level 7) or three year Diploma (NQF Level 6)

in Human Resource Development/ Human Resource Management or Public Administration as recognised by SAQA, with five (05) years relevant experience in the Human Resource Development field of which three (03) years must be at Assistant Director level. The following key competencies and attributes are essential: Knowledge of legislations, regulations, frameworks pertaining to Public Service Administration, specifically the Public Service Act and Regulations, BCEA, Skills Development Act, Skills Development Levies Act, Public Finance Management Act, Employment Equity Act and Access to Information Act, understanding of Public Service and Human Resources in general; knowledge of labour legislations; Good communications in both oral and written skills, liaison/coordination and presentation/facilitation skills; A good command of computer literacy, including Microsoft Office suite,(Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook); Ability to work under pressure, Willingness to travel and work away from home; Ability to work independently and in a Team; Good administrative skills, people management and empowerment , strategic capability and leadership; planning and organisational skills; Customer Focus and Responsiveness; Problem solving and decision making. Valid driver’s license.

DUTIES                                     : The incumbent will be responsible to: Development and implementation of the

Skills Development Strategy and any other HRD strategies/plans and policies to address the skills needs within DOT; Conduct training needs analysis and skills audit continuously to ensure training relevance; development, submission and implementation of Workplace Skills Plan to respond to the departmental skills priorities; Develop, implement, monitor and evaluate Leadership Development & Management Programme to build the leadership skills pipeline within DOT; Facilitate the implementation of all skills development interventions; management of the implementation of Developmental programmes within DOT i.e. learnership, internship programmes, Work Integrated Learning, etc; management of Bursary scheme of the department; management of induction and orientation programme across all levels within DOT; Implementation of Coaching & Mentoring Programme; maintenance of training information/ databases; Compilation and submission of skills development reports to various stakeholders. General administration of the Sub-Directorate including management of staff.

ENQUIRIES                              :           Ms Dinah Maleka Tel No: (012) 309 3717

NOTE                                         : Candidates must quote name of the post for the abovementioned position on the

subject line when applying i.e. “Deputy Director Internal Human Resource Development”


POST 19/69                              : SENIOR GRAPHIC DESIGN OFFICER REF NO: DOT/HRM/2021/46

(Branch: Administration Office of the Chief Operations Officer) (Chief Directorate: Communication and Stakeholder Management) (Directorate: Stakeholder Management)

(Sub-Directorate: Online Media)


SALARY                                    :          R316 791 per annum (Level 08)

CENTRE                                   : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                    :          Recognised NQF  level 6/7 in Graphic  Design/  Fine Arts/ Digital Design,  or any

other equivalent and related field of study with at least two years relevant experience with at least one-year experience in using any of the following design tools: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat. Note: Design and photo-editing software. Some knowledge of any of the following tools is  an  added   advantage:  Dreamweaver,   Fireworks,   HTML  and  CSS  /Flash

/JavaScript. Some exposure to and experience in any of the following formats will be beneficial but not a requirement: Web and micro-sites, digital media (banners), mobile and Apps and user navigation. Exceptional creativity and innovation. Excellent time management and organisational skills, Accuracy and attention to detail. Professional approach to time, costs and deadlines.

DUTIES                                     : Be in charge of all visual design functions for the print products of the Department.

Develop the overall layout and design of publications such as the annual report, strategic documents, and booklets, leaflets other departmental publication). Develop and design all creative work for marketing communications purposes including marketing collateral, event branding material, corporate gifts and branded promotional material from start to finish. Conceptualise, design, and update print content and images for the Department’s marketing communications; public relations and stakeholder relations campaigns. Conceptualise, provide layout and design services for eventing products. Attend and conduct meetings, presentations and pitches related to graphic design. Assist the Web Developers with the graphic and art content of the Department’s website. Conceptualise and design / update web content and images for the Department’s website. Take briefs from Departmental clients and prepare comprehensive briefs for outsourced work. Develop material for website, interactive media, and multi projects. Design graphics, images and visual elements for website pages. Conceptualise creative executions, create and implement images, and animations in a variety of formats. Provide final approved artwork for production of all briefed-in material. Co-ordinate and liaise with all parties important to the visual and web design functions. Liaise with internal clients from Department of Transport branches; the Agencies and the Ministers’ offices to take briefs and to present concepts to them for final approval. Liaise with the Government Communication and Information System for the latest directives on government formats and Corporate Identity (CI). Liaise with external printers on a regular basis to ensure deadlines are met and material is printed to the highest quality. Liaise with and manage the procurement of related external service providers (e.g. photographers) and manage related contracts on behalf of the Department and the Offices of the Ministers. Maintain Graphic Design knowledge management and resources management and innovation. Survey the market and environment to identify the latest trends, designs, and technologies on print, web, digital and mobile platforms. Identify and attend strategic design Expo’s on behalf of the Department and introduce new and innovative approaches. Introduce innovative, fresh and new design elements from time to time which will assist the DOT to have maximum impact whilst delivering its mandate. Procure and maintain state-of-the-art, up-to-date design equipment, software, digital and electronic aids. Manage a database of well referenced and easily accessible images for ease of reference and for future use. Manage the Department’s Corporate Identity (CI) in line with the Government CI, managing typesetting, use of the Coat of Arms.

ENQUIRIES                              : Ms Mankitseng Hlatshwayo Tel No: (012) 309 3016

NOTE                                         : Candidates must quote name of the post for the abovementioned position on the subject line when applying i.e. “Senior Graphic Design Officer”

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