Trade Industry and Competition Circular 23 of 2021



NOTE                                        : Applications submitted in hard copy must be accompanied by a signed form Z83 (as amended November 2020), obtainable from any Public Service Department or on the internet at the dtic is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer. Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to a technical exercise and the selection panel for the position will further recommend candidates to attend a generic managerial competency-based assessment. Background verification, social media checks and security vetting will form part of the selection process and successful candidates will be subjected to security vetting. The successful candidate will need to provide proof of completion of the Senior Management Pre-entry certificate programme obtained from National School of Government (NSG). The course is available at the NSG under the name Certificate for entry into the SMS and the full details can be sourced by the following link: entry-programme/. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Correspondence will be limited to shortlisted candidates only. If you have not been contacted within 3 months of the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. the dtic reserves the right not to fill any advertised position(s).




POST 23/49                             :           DIRECTOR-GENERAL REF NO: ODG-001


SALARY                                   : R1 978 533 – R2 228 820 per annum (Level 16) and is subject to the prescripts, (The all-inclusive remuneration package ranges)

CENTRE                                  : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  :   8 years of relevant experience at senior management level of which at least 3 years   must be with any organ of State as defined in the Constitution, Act 108 of 1996. An appropriate undergraduate qualification and a post graduate qualification (NQF level

8) as recognised by SAQA. Demonstrated leadership in the development of policies and high-level policy implementation skills. Insight into the South African and global economy. Deep knowledge of relevant Government legislation, policies and priorities. Be conversant with the structure and operation of the Public Sector. Good interpersonal, problem-solving, team-work and networking skills.

DUTIES                                    : Provide strategic leadership, management and support services to the department in support of the dtic’s goals in: Designing and implementing policies, strategies and programmes for the development of manufacturing, green-economy, productive services and related economic sectors, contributing to the direct and indirect creation of decent jobs, value addition and competitiveness, in both domestic and export markets. Stimulating and facilitating the development of sustainable and competitive enterprises, through the efficient provision of effective and accessible incentive measures that support national priorities. Increasing export capacity and supporting direct investment flows, through targeted strategies, and an effectively managed network of foreign trade and investment offices. Strengthening efforts to develop an equitable global trading system that facilitates development by strengthening trade and investment links with key economies and fostering African development, including regional and continental integration and development co-operation. Developing and implementing coherent, predictable and transparent regulatory solutions that facilitate easy access to redress and efficient regulation for economic participants; and building an ethical and agile state able to effectively carry out public policies. Driving economic transformation and increased participation in industrialisation. Supporting foreign direct investment flows and promoting domestic investment by providing a one-stop shop for investment promotion, investor facilitation and aftercare support for investors. Developing and rolling out policy interventions that promote competition issues, through effective economic planning, spatial implementation and aligned investment and development policy tools.

ENQUIRIES                             : For enquiries regarding applications, contact the Recruitment Office, Tel. No: (012) 394-1310

APPLICATIONS                      : For the Director-General post only should be sent to [email protected].

NOTE                                        :   Overview: We invite suitable candidates to apply for the position of Director General of the Department of Trade, Industry and Competition (the dtic). the dtic is responsible for implementing a range of government policies, working with investors, entrepreneurs and labour as well as with foreign governments. The Director-General as the


Accounting Officer will join a leadership team responsible for implementing an integrated approach across the dtic and reporting entities to drive industrialisation that supports economic recovery and growth; implementation of sector partnerships through industry Master Plans; localisation initiatives across the economy; green industrial interventions, beneficiation; export promotion and transformation of the economy. The work of the dtic is driven through 10 branch programmes, 17 entities and 45 pieces of legislation, covering a substantial part of South Africa’s economic policy landscape. As Director-General, you will also participate in the work of the Forum of South African Directors-General and various Government clusters.

CLOSING DATE                     :           19 July 2021


POST 23/50                             :           DIRECTOR: LEGAL SERVICES REF NO: CMSB/LEGAL 040

Overview: To manage and provide quality, effective and efficient legal services for the dtic and its agencies.


SALARY                                   :           R1 057,326. per annum,( Level 13) (All-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :           Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : An undergraduate qualification (NQF Level 7) in Law and admitted as an attorney or Advocate of the Bar Council. 5 years’ relevant experience at a middle/senior managerial level in a legal environment. The Senior Management Pre-Entry Programme (Nyukela Programme) as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG) must be completed before an appointment can be considered. Proof of enrolment will be required upon shortlisting. Key Requirements: Certificate and experience in legislative drafting. Experience in legal opinions, litigation and contract management. Legislative drafting working knowledge of civil litigation, criminal procedure and practice, court rule. Experience in Legal Administration. Experience in financial management, stakeholder management, people management and empowerment. Knowledge and understanding of criminal procedure and practices. Strategic capability and leadership. Communication skills (Verbal and written), presentation skills, negotiation skills, planning and organising skills.

DUTIES                                    : Legislative Drafting: Develop annual legislation programmes. Conduct research on applicable legislative provisions. Manage and advise on the impact of external legislation on the operations of the dtic. Piloting legislation through the parliamentary legislative process from inception until enactment. Render an oversight role and provide legal support in this regard. Ensure legal certainty of a fill and/or amendment bill. Render assistance regarding the drafting of Principal and/or Subordinate Legislation. Legal Opinions: Draft the legal Opinions based on research conducted. Oversee research conducted on the legal principle. Liaise and consult with Counsel and service provider of outsourced legal opinions and the implementation of the Opinion. Manage and provide advice on Opinions concluded on contractual matters and/or as they relate to Contract Management and statutory matters. Oversee the drafting of Legal correspondence. Provide advice on PAJA and PAIA requests and opinion on internal appeals in terms of PAIA and PAJA. Litigation: Manage Litigation on behalf of the department and against the department. Provide advice on litigation matters and court judgement. Manage the Institution and/or defending of all domestic and international court litigation. Conduct research on the applicable legal contractual and/or legislative provisions. Manage the implementation of court orders and recovery of costs awarded in favour of the dtic. Contract Management: Manage the drafting of Contract and Memorandum of Understanding. Conduct research on the applicable contractual and /or legislative provisions. Oversee the contract and verify consistency between instruction and content of the contract. Manage the impact of external Legislation on the operations of the dtic. Liaise with stakeholders on legal matters. Legal administration and management of unit: Draft and/or edit legal correspondence on all legal administrative enquiries. Conduct awareness on the implementation of legal interventions. Ensure that the briefings are prepared and court orders are implemented effectively. Manage financial resource and assets of the unit. Manage the strategic planning of the unit and execution of the operational plan.

ENQUIRIES                             :  Should you have enquiries or experience any problem submitting your  application   contact the Recruitment Office on Tel No: (012) 394 1809/1835

APPLICATIONS                      :   Applications can a be submitted: By post to the Registry Office, The Department of   Trade Industry and Competition, Private Bag x84, Pretoria, 0001; Hand-delivered to the dtic Campus, corner of Meintjies and Robert Sobukwe Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria; or e-mailed to [email protected]

NOTE                                        : Applications can be submitted: By post to the Registry Office, The Department of Trade Industry and Competition, Private Bag x84, Pretoria, 0001; Hand-delivered to the dtic Campus, corner of Meintjies and Robert Sobukwe Street, Sunnyside, Pretoria; or go


to: and click on the “Careers” link to submit online application.

CLOSING DATE                     :           09 July 2021

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