Government Pensions Administration Agency Circular 24 of 2021




CLOSING DATE                     : 19 July 2021 at 12h00 noon No late applications will be considered.

NOTE                                       : Take Note Of The Disclaimer Mentioned On Each Advert During Covid

Lockdown. It is mandatory that applications with supporting documentation, including signed Z83 be emailed to the respective email addresses indicated on each advert. Ensure that you use the correct inbox/email. Applications send to the incorrect inbox will be deemed a regret. Ensure to sign your Z83 before you scan it. Please use your signature or valid e-signature and not your name written in block/typed print. A Z83 not signed will be deemed a regret. Only send documents related to the requirements in the advert. From 1 January 2021, a new application for employment (Z83) from will be effective. Should an individual wish to apply for a post on or after 1 January 2021, he/she will be required to submit the new application for employment form which can be downloaded at From 1 January 2021 should an application be received using the incorrect application for employment (Z83), it will not be considered. Requirements: Applications must be submitted on form Z83, obtainable on the internet at (Originally signed and scanned). The relevant reference number must be quoted on all documentation and on the subject heading of the email. Application should consist of (1) a comprehensive CV (specifying all experience and duties, indicating the respective dates MM/YY as well as indicating references with full contact details) (2) copies of all qualifications (including matriculation), Identity document, valid driver’s license (where driving/travelling is an inherent requirement of the job) and proof of citizenship if not RSA Citizen. Failure to submit the above information will result in the application not considered and deemed a regret. The candidate must agree to the following: Shortlisted candidates must be available for virtual interviews at a date and time determined by GPAA. Applicants must note that pre-employments checks and references will be conducted once they are short-listed and the appointment is also subject to positive outcomes on these checks, which include but not limited to: security clearance, security vetting, qualification/study verification, citizenship verification, financial/asset record check, previous employment verification and criminal record. Applicants will be required to meet vetting requirements as prescribed by Minimum Information Security Standards. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA). Correspondence will only be conducted with the short- listed candidates. If you have not been contacted within three (3) months after the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful. The candidate must take note of: It is intended to promote representativeness through the filling of these posts and the candidature of persons whose promotion/ appointment will promote representativeness, will receive preference. Disabled persons are encouraged to apply. For salary levels 11 – 15, the inclusive remuneration package consists of a basic salary, the state’s contribution to the Government Employees Pension Fund and a flexible portion in terms of applicable rules. SMS will be required to undergo a Competency Assessment as prescribed by DPSA. All candidates shortlisted for SMS positions will be required to undergo a technical exercise that intends to test the relevant technical elements of the job. One of the minimum requirements for SMS is the pre-entry certificate. For more details on the pre-entry course visit: course/sms-pre-entry-programme/ The GPAA reserves the right to utilize practical exercises/tests/competency assessments for non-SMS positions during the recruitment process (candidates who are shortlisted will be informed accordingly) to determine the suitability of candidates for the post(s). The GPAA reserves the right to cancel the filling/not to fill a vacancy that was advertised during any stage of the recruitment process. The successful candidate will have to sign and annual performance agreement and will be required to undergo a security clearance.




POST 24/20                            :            SENIOR MANAGER: PROJECT MANAGEMENT OFFICE REF NO:


Business Enablement

The purpose of the role is to provide Project management expertise that will facilitate the achievement of business goals within GPAA. The position is responsible for the successful implementation and management of all Projects within GPAA from initiation to implementation, including Financial Management. One permanent Senior Manager Position is currently available at the Government Pensions Administration Agency: Business Enablement.


SALARY                                  : R1 057 326 – R1 245 495 per annum (all-inclusive package)

CENTRE                                  :            Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : A recognized Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent three-year qualification (NQF

level 7) as recognized by SAQA. A minimum of eight years demonstrated experience in the Project Management field of which five years’ experience should be at a middle/ senior managerial level. Experience in Financial Services, especially Employee Benefits, Pension Fund and Retirement Benefits Administration, will be a distinct advantage. Computer literacy that would include a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office products with in depth knowledge of MS Project. Membership of a professional body will serve as an advantage. Knowledge of PMO and Public Service Legislative framework, Knowledge of Programme Administration and Management, Knowledge of Customer Service principles and processes, Knowledge of Law and associated mechanisms, Knowledge of Project Management software and the operational use of the tool, Knowledge of relevant requirements, particularly BCEA and GPAA policies and procedures, including the Public Service Act, High level communication skills, Project Management skills, Strategic decision making skills, Leadership skills, Collaboration skills, Delegation skills, Initiative, Emotional intelligence, Integrity, Ability to see the bigger picture, Demonstrable commitment, Customer service orientation.

DUTIES                                    :          The incumbent will be responsible for the following functions which includes

but are not limited to: Project information/communication management: Manage development and execution of communication plan to ensure effective and timely communication between the PMO, line management, senior management, and external partners. Manage access to key project documents, presentations and assessments. Ensure development and implementation plans for use of collaborative team communication solutions. Manage the production of periodic management reports (e.g. monthly reports, project milestones). Serve as a central point of contact between the GPAA and various internal and external stakeholders. Represent the GPAA within various PMO forums and participate in reviews and presentation to senior management. Financial Management and Reporting: Overall management of all project related accounting functions for all projects in the Project Management Office. Review and approve effective and accurate project budget preparation, management and reporting. Review and approve all activities and transactions in project related accounts. Review and approve project variances and monitoring thereof. Approve the closing out of all project accounts upon project completion. Oversee preparation of all audit documentation (internal and external). Oversee the preparation, compilation and distribution of complete, accurate and timely management financial reports. Drive PMO strategies and policies: Actively participates in the development of strategic documents such as project plans, target product profiles, etc. Contributes strategic input into GPAA and other senior management or governance reviews. Facilitate product life cycle management planning and ensure GPAA maintains long-term product development focus. Keep abreast with changes in Project Management and PMO guidelines and other legislation, to make recommendations where GPAA policies and procedures need to be amended, monitoring the implementation of changes made. Check compliance within GPAA to Public Sector resolutions and policies relating to PMO, initiating changes identified. Initiative delivery: Demonstrate project management expertise through management of medium to large programmes of varying complexity. Ensure the facilitation of processes by prioritization and development of funding approval. Manage the project scope, define deliverables, obtain consensus and manage stakeholder expectations. Ensure proper management of change requests and control scope through effective execution of plans. Initiate delivery related purchases and acquisitions, as required. Effectively deploy physical, financial and human


resources. Ensure project outcomes are accepted, measurement and analysis of stakeholder perceptions is performed and facilitate validation of business benefit assessment. Formally close project and release team resources. Enterprise risk management: Manage the development of risk management plans of the division to ensure that the PMO unit maintains good risk management practices within an organisational risk management plan. Manage the identification of any risks relating to the business unit, and intervene to monitor compliance with the risk management strategy of GPAA. Maintain sound relationships with key stakeholders within the organization. Engage in the consultation process with both employees and management as required, exhibiting an understanding of essential risk considerations. Persuade key stakeholders in engaging in risk discussions, achieving a win- win solution as far as possible. Proactively mitigate identification and mitigation of risks. Proactively manage the monitoring of practical initiatives embarked upon within the GPAA, which affect risk management, and ensure management of any negative implications. Manage operations of the sub unit: Develop and manage agreed budgets in consultation with the CIO, ensuring that costs are contained. Manage the integrity of the PMO data being captured on the system; ensure that it is reliable and validated. Manage, coordinate and oversee the daily operational activities of the sub unit to ensure that it functions effectively and efficiently. Manage and ensure accurate record keeping of confidential information within the sub unit. Manage and develop staff reporting to this position: Set, agree and monitor performance of direct reports, check that it is aligned with performance agreements. Identify development needs and provide coaching and mentoring as appropriate. Ensure employment equity compliance. Monitor that individual outputs achieve business requirements. Recruit departmental staff using defined processes. Facilitate staff productivity and efficiency, minimizing absenteeism. Motivate staff through the implementation of various recognition mechanisms. Facilitate sub unit communication through appropriate structures and systems. Enable knowledge sharing and knowledge transition processes, including sharing of best practices across the GPAA.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ismael Radebe on Tel No: (012) 399 2299. Fempower Response Handling,

Tel. 084 093 5765 (Geraldine Turner).

APPLICATIONS                     : It is mandatory to email your application with the relevant supporting

documentation to [email protected] quoting the reference number in the subject heading of the email.

NOTE                                       : Disclaimer during COVID 19 lockdown stages: Take note of the new

requirements regarding a new Z83 effective 1 January 2021 as per the DPSA regulations. (Information contained in the footerEnsure to certify all supporting documents on Level 1 and 2 of National Lockdown. Interviews will/may be conducted via a virtual medium which will be discussed with each shortlisted applicant. The applicant should have the necessary data and equipment for this purpose. Correspondence will only be conducted with the short-listed candidates. If you have not been contacted within three (3) months after the closing date of this advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

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Step by step how to fill in the Z83 application form

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