Forestry Fisheries and the Environment Circular 36 of 2021



APPLICATIONS                     : May be forwarded to the Director-General, Department of Forestry, Fisheries

and the Environment, Private Bag X447, Pretoria, 0001 or hand-delivered to: Environment House, Erf 1563 Arcadia Extension 6, Cnr Soutpansberg and Steve Biko Road, Arcadia, Pretoria, marked for the attention: Human Resources Management.

Applications for Western Cape must be submitted to the Director-General, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, For Attention: Private Bag X4390, Cape Town, 8000 or hand-deliver to 14 Loop Street Cape Town.

CLOSING DATE                     : 15 November 2021

NOTE                                       : Application must be submitted on a New signed Z83 form obtainable from any

Public Service Department and must be completed in full, also accompanied by copies of all relevant qualifications (Matric Certificate must also be attached), ID document, a valid Driver’s License (attached documentation need not be certified, certification will be requested when required) together with the recent Curriculum Vitae in order to be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The National Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Preference may be given to appointable applicants from the underrepresented designated groups in terms of the Department’s equity plan. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only. Short-listed candidates will be subjected to screening and security vetting to determine their suitability for employment, including but not limited to: Criminal records; Citizenship status; Credit worthiness; Previous employment (reference checks); and Qualification verification. Short-listed candidates will be expected to avail themselves at the Department’s convenience. Entry level requirements for SMS posts: In terms of the Directive on Compulsory Capacity Development, Mandatory Training Days & Minimum Entry Requirements for SMS that was introduced on 1 April 2015, a requirement for all applicants for SMS posts from 1 April 2020 is a successful completion of the Senior Management Pre-Entry Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG). The course is available at the NSG under the name Certificate for entry into SMS and the full details can be obtained by following the below link: The successful candidate will be required to provide proof of completion of the NSG Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme Certificate for entry into the SMS. Furthermore, candidates shortlisted for the SMS post will be subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job. Following the interview and the technical exercise, the Selection Panel will recommend candidates to attend a generic managerial competency assessment in compliance with the DPSA Directive on the implementation of competency based assessments. The person appointed to this position will be subjected to a security clearance, the signing of performance agreement and employment contract. The Department reserves the right not to make an appointment. If you have not been contacted within three 3 months after the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.




POST 36/78                            :            CHIEF DIRECTOR: FISHERIES OPERATONS SUPPORT AND MLRF



SALARY                                  : R1 251 183 per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  : Cape Town

REQUIREMENTS                  :      An  undergraduate  qualification  in  Public  Administration/  Management/Social

Sciences or relevant qualification (NQF Level7) as recognized by SAQA with a minimum of 5 years’ experience in a senior managerial position. The incumbent should have knowledge of the PFMA, Regulations, and other relevant legislation. Knowledge of government financial policies and processes, including budgeting and reporting. Knowledge of the DPSA rules and the constitutional  imperatives.  Knowledge  and  understanding  of   Government


priorities and imperatives. Knowledge and understanding of the White Paper on the transformation of public service delivery (Batho Pele). Knowledge of the human resource planning framework in the public sector. The Employment Equity Act and the Skills Development Act.

DUTIES                                    : Oversee customer service center and permitting. Facilitate and promote

customer relations to effect co-operation and co-ordination between the Department and its stakeholders. Develop frameworks to liaise with and manage stakeholder relations inequitable manner. Develop and administer permitting systems. Oversee the management and daily operations within the proclaimed fishing harbours in line with the Marine Living Resources Act. Develop and implement fisheries livelihoods programmes. Develop, manage (including licensing and permitting) and implement programmes for management of fishing harbors, fish-processing plants and related economic infrastructure. Oversee the Working for Fisheries Programme. Develop, manage and coordinate all reporting and record keeping requirements. Manage the provision of MLRF governance which includes strategic planning, reporting and risk management. Develop and manage risk management processes. Develop and manage awareness on business continuity management to ensure good corporate governance practices in Marine Living Resources Fund; Manage the Internal and External Audit function for the MLRF.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms S Middleton; Cell No: (082) – 371 6088 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)


POST 36/79                            : DIRECTOR: INSHORE FISHERIES MANAGEMENT REF NO: FIM20/2021


SALARY                                  : R1 057 326 per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  : Cape Town

REQUIREMENTS                  : A Bachelor’s degree in Natural or Environmental Sciences (NQF Level7) or

relevant qualification as recognized by SAQA. Applicants must have 5 years’ experience at middle management level. Knowledge of the Marine living Resource Act, 1998 (Act No.18 of 1998), and the regulations promulgated thereunder. Knowledge of the fishing sectors and fisheries management. Applicants must have knowledge and understanding off all relevant legislation and regulations that govern the Public Service including the PFMA, Treasury Regulations, the Public Service Act, and the Labour Relations Act etc. knowledge of the Government’s policies and priorities for Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment. Knowledge and understanding of the white paper on the transformation of the public service (Batho Pele). A valid driver’s license.

DUTIES                                    : Manage the administration and support of inshore fisheries sectors in

accordance with legislative requirements. Develop and review regulations, norms and standards applicable to inshore fisheries sectors. Ensure compliance with the provision of the MLRA, in respect of permitting, licensing and other legislative measures. Manage the rights allocation processes in inshore fishing sectors. Provide leadership and support for the development of the inshore fisheries sector. Develop and implement relevant policies. Manage the collection, collation and dissemination of inshore fisheries data and information. Ensure cooperative governance and enhance service delivery and stakeholders relations through participation. Provide leadership and direction in the establishment and strengthening of the Management Working Groups. Participate and represent the department in the national, regional and international forums relevant to the management of inshore fisheries. Manage the inshore fisheries sector to ensure sustainability of the sector. Monitor compliance with the conditions of permits and licenses and other applicable measures. Collaborate with other stakeholders with regards to enforcement of legislative and regulatory requirements. Manage the resources of the Directorate. Develop the operational plan for the Directorate and ensure its implementation. Manage client relations.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr Abongile Ngqongwa; Cell No: (060) – 508 7014 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)





SALARY                                  :            R1 057 326 per annum, (all inclusive package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town


REQUIREMENTS                  : A Bachelor’s Degree in Natural or Physical Sciences, or Environmental

Management or equivalent qualification (NQF level 7). A minimum of 5 years’ experience at middle managerial level. Knowledge of oceans & coastal management legislative frameworks. Experience and knowledge of policy development and implementation. Knowledge of government administrative procedures and processes, departmental procedures and prescripts, and financial management. Good strategic capability and leadership, analytics skills and understanding of environmental issues. Experience in strategic planning, financial management, programme and project management, and organizational transformation. Computer literacy and good communication skills (both verbal and report writing) with advanced experience in stakeholder engagement, and sound problem solving and analytical skills.

DUTIES                                    : Manage and coordinate the directorate responsible for implementation of

aspects of the National Environmental Management Integrated Coastal Management Act. Manage, co-ordinate, develop the implementation and refinement of the National Coastal Management. Manage and coordinate integrated coastal management institutional and policy development and implementation. Manage and coordinate the implementation of coastal legislation such as audit issuing of permits in line with the relevant legislation, and compile reports and statistics. Provide strategic leadership, good corporate governance and enhance international interest including participating in regional and international conventions, draft plans for inter-sessional work for the Abidjan Convention and establish formal relations with higher learning and research institutions.

ENQUIRIES                            : Adv R Razack Tel No: 021 819 2426

NOTE                                       : Shortlisted candidates will be subjected to an oral interview and a written test.




POST 36/81                            :            SPECIALIST SCIENTIST: ROCK LOBSTER REF NO: FIM21/2021


SALARY                                  :            R1 246 842 per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            PhD in Science or relevant qualification (NQF level 10), 10 years’ relevant

scientific experience after BSc qualification and the Compulsory registration with South Africa Council for Natural Scientific Professions (SACNASP) as a professional Scientist (certified copy of registration certificate) or current (in- date a time of application) confirmation of certificate of subscription must be attached) a Knowledge of Marine Living Resources Act; Fishery sector and fisheries management; Knowledge of biology, ecology, life history strategies and population dynamics of fisheries resources; Scientific methodologies and models; Research and development; Computer-aided scientific applications; Technical report writing; Data analysis; Policy development and analysis; Scientific presentation; Skills: Strategic capability and leadership; Decision making; Team leadership; Analytical skills; Financial management; Customer focus and responsiveness; Communication; Networking; Planning and organizing; Conflict management; People management; Change management; Problem solving and analysis; Programme and project management.

DUTIES                                    :    Perform  final  review  and  approvals  or  audits  on  scientific  projects:  Perform

scientific functions and establish research and regulatory frameworks; Guide the setting of scientific standards, specifications and service levels according to organizational objectives; Monitor and evaluate scientific efficiency. Provide strategic research direction on scientific matters: Provide expert support and advice to stakeholders; Develop relationships and collaborations at national, regional and international levels; Participate actively at national, regional and international for arena. Play a lead role in the presentation and exchange of scientific knowledge and information; Review scientific publications. Lead, coordinate and develop scientific models and regulatory frameworks: Design scientific methodology for the analysis of scientific data; Evaluate, monitor and disseminate information; Design and develop appropriate scientific models to generate information and knowledge; Formulate and evaluate proposals and compile reports. Research and development: Continuous professional development to keep up with new technologies and procedures; Lead, co- ordinate and conduct basic (fundamental) and applied research; Ensure knowledge generation and dissemination; Review scientific publications; Publish and present research findings; Liaise with relevant bodies/councils on


science-related matters; Source funding for research projects. Human Capital development: Mentor, train and develop scientists and others to promote skills/knowledge transfer and adherence to sound scientific principles and code of practice; Supervise scientific work and processes; Manage the performance and development of staff.

ENQUIRIES                            : Dr. K Prochazka; Cell No: (083) 302 8191 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)


POST 36/82                            : OPERATIONS MANAGER: OPERATION PHAKISA REF NO: FIM22/2021


SALARY                                  :            R869 007 per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            A Bachelor’s Degree in Aquaculture/ Environmental Management / Economics

or equivalent qualifications in Natural Sciences, 3 years working experience within the aquaculture development sector or management field. Extensive supervisory experience. Knowledge of project planning and management; good understanding of the Marine Living Resources Act and any other legislation related to aquaculture; Knowledge and understanding of aquaculture systems and economics. Skills: Data analysis and statistics; financial Management; good communication skills (verbal and written); Team leadership; Problem solving. A valid driver’s license.

DUTIES                                    : Monitoring the implementation of all Aquaculture Operation Phakisa

Lab/Master Plan commitments and reporting thereof: report implementation of all Aquaculture Operations Phakisa/Master Plan commitments on weekly basis: Prepare implementation reports on a weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly basis, submit reports to the relevant structures; Provide support towards ensuring provision for financial support towards aquaculture projects. Facilitate provision of advisory services to all Aquaculture Oceans Economy Operation Phakisa /Master Plan Implementing Agencies/Initiative Owners. Oversee the investment promotion for the Aquaculture Oceans Economy Operation Phakisa/Master Plan projects and maintain good public relations: Ensure aquaculture sector and initiatives promotions and marketing; Attract domestic investments into Operation Phakisa Aquaculture projects. Ensure secretariat services are available for Operations Phakisa Steering Committee chair by the Minister; Implement international obligations entered to in relation to Aquaculture Operations Phakisa. Perform and manage the administrative functions of the Aquaculture Phakisa Unit: Develop the Phakisa Unit Operational Plans and implement the service delivery improvement plan for the unit; Manage and ensure development of all human resources within the unit; Provide support in management of budget, control and monitor expenditure for the unit.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms. Andrea Bernatzeder; Cell No: (082) – 687 5333 e-mail

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)





SALARY                                  :            R733 257 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            A Bachelor’s degree or National Diploma in Natural or Environmental Sciences

or Fisheries Management or relevant qualification as recognized by SAQA. Three (3) years’ experience in management. Knowledge and understanding of the Marine Living Resource Act, 1998 (Act No.18 of 1998), and the regulations promulgated thereunder. Knowledge and understanding of the small-scale fishing sectors and fisheries management. Applicants must have knowledge and understanding of all relevant legislation and regulations that govern the Public Service including the PFMA, Treasury Regulations, the Public Service Act, and the Labour Relations Act etc. knowledge of the Government’s policies and priorities for Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment. Knowledge and understanding of the white paper on the transformation of the public service (Batho Pele). A valid driver’s license.

DUTIES                                    :         Formulate, implement and review small-scale fisheries policies and legislation.

Coordinate stakeholder participation in finalizing policies and legislation formulation. Manage the small-scale fisheries sector. Administer rights allocations to small-scale fishing co-operatives. Provide inputs to permit, licence and exemption conditions. Monitor the performance of small-scale fishing  co-operatives  and  the  sector.  Develop  necessary  networks  and


partnerships to encourage co-management and development of the sector. Coordinate supplementary livelihoods and support program. Ensure adequate communication with stakeholders. Manage special projects. Initiate, coordinate the implementation of the project and monitor performance of such projects.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr. Abongile Ngqongwa; Cell No: (060) – 508 7014 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only


POST 36/84                            : DEPUTY DIRECTOR: FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT (BUDGET &



SALARY                                  :            R733 257 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            Bachelor’s Degree or National Diploma in Financial Accounting or Financial

Management majoring in Accounting. Three (3) years working experience in a financial management environment and supervisory experience. Knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act, Treasury Regulations, Standards of Generally Recognised Accounting Practise (GRAP) and International Accounting Standards (IAS). Knowledge of interpretation and implementation of policies and prescripts. Knowledge and experience in Project Management. A valid driver’s licence.

DUTIES                                    : Reduce exposure to risk through sound corporate governance. Report on risks

of the Directorate on a quarterly basis to the Director: Financial Management. Monitor and review monthly management accounts on expenditure and balance sheet reconciliations. Prepare and submit monthly and quarterly statutory reporting to National Treasury. Manage the cash flow of the MLRF. Compile audit file and prepare the financial statement in compliance with GRAP. Manage and resolve audit queries relating to financial management. Manage and deliver effective budget support service for MLRF in adherence to the PFMA and other relevant prescripts Assist with the planning and co- ordinating of the MLRF budget process. Provide training to staff on financial policies and procedures, National Treasury and instructions.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms V.M. Mogolla; Cell No: (072) – 712 9414 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)


POST 36/85                            : DEPUTY DIRECTOR: INTERNAL AUDIT REF NO: ODG10/2021


SALARY                                  : R733 257 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  :          National  Diploma  on  NQF  level  6  or  Bachelor’s  Degree  in  Auditing/Risk

Management or equivalent qualification plus 3-5 years’ experience required in relevant field. Registration with a professional body/Certified Internal Auditor (CIA). Knowledge of the Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Audits and the Code of Ethics developed by the Institute of Internal Audit. Extensive knowledge of internal auditing and risk management. Extensive knowledge of Public Finance Management Act and Treasury regulations. Skills: Leadership and Management, Coordination skills, organisational and planning, Communication skills (written and spoken), Programme and Project Management, Listening skills, Writing skills, Decision-making skills, Report writing skills, Organisational skills and Management Accounting skill. Personal attribute: Innovative and proactive, Ability to work long hours voluntarily, Ability to gather and analyse information, Proven leadership skills, Ability to develop and apply policies, Ability to work independently and in a team, Ability to lead multidisciplinary team, Good interpersonal relations skills, Ability to work under extreme pressure, Conflict management and resolution, Ability to organise and plan under pressure and Ability to collect and interpret information and reports.

DUTIES                                    :      The  incumbent  will  be  responsible  to  provide  management  support  on  the

facilitation of internal audit services within the Department. Support the development of a three-year rolling strategic internal audit plan and an annual internal audit plan. Manage the implementation of the approved operational and strategic plans, policies and procedures and internal audit guideline. Manage and coordinate the planning and execution of internal audits. Monitor and facilitate reporting on internal audits. Perform and manage ad-hoc audits as requested by management.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr W Oelofse Tel No: 012 399 9013


POST 36/86                            :            ASSISTANT     DIRECTOR:     ADMINISTRATION     AND     COORDINATION



SALARY                                  : R376 596 per annum, (terms and conditions apply)

CENTRE                                  :            Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  :            National Diploma on NQF level 6 or Bachelor Degree in Office

Administration/Public Administration or equivalent relevant qualification. A minimum of 3-5 years’ experience in Office Management, Administration and Coordination, or any secretarial related work. Knowledge of Public Service prescripts, policies and procedures, PFMA and other Financial Management and associated prescripts. Understanding of Inter-governmental relations. Knowledge of strategic coordination/planning and project management. Experience in planning, reporting and performance management is also required. Skills required: Sound organizing and planning, Facilitation, Analytical thinking, interpersonal, report writing and Excellent communication skills (written and verbal). Ability to work individually and in a team and work effectively with stakeholders at various levels. Proactive approach to meeting deadlines and delivering results with limited supervision. Advanced level of computer literacy (Ms package). Ability to stay focused and work under extreme pressure.

DUTIES                                    : The successful candidate will be responsible to provide support to the Office

of the Deputy Director-General through the following key performance activities: Provide administration and co-ordination support services to the Office of the DDG for the effective and efficient management of the Branch. Render procurement and budgeting services and coordinate financial administration functions (this includes coordinating the compilation and monitoring of the Branch’s procurement plans, budgets and expenditure reports). Render secretariat functions for relevant Branch-related meetings and liaise with relevant stakeholders. Identify and direct important and key requests, both from internal and external stakeholders to relevant officials for attention. Keep track of the Branch’s responses to compliance with enquiries, questions, requests and dates (e.g. from Cabinet, Portfolio Committees, public and others). Provide document management services, as well as point of interaction with the DG’s office.

ENQUIRIES                            :            Ms T Bhunu Tel No: (012) 399 9946


POST 36/87                            :            MARINE RESEARCH ASSISTANT III REF NO: FIM25/2021


SALARY                                  :            R257 508 annum

CENTRE                                  :            Port Elizabeth

REQUIREMENTS                  : National Diploma in Natural Science or equivalent qualification (NQF level 6),

extensive experience in the relevant field. Applicant will be expected to undergo and pass a medical for seafarers in line with (section 101 of the SAMSA Act 57 0f 1951). Knowledge of Marine Living Resource Act) and other relevant acts, data capturing procedures; record management principles. Skills: Planning and execution; Computer literacy; good communication (verbal and written); A valid unendorsed driver’s license. willingness to work at sea on commercial and research vessels and spend extensive periods away from home while on sea/field trip.

DUTIES                                    :          Engage with stakeholders within fishing industry and public: Ensure accurate

data flow from vessel to end-user; Maintain accurate data reporting and attend to queries; continuous consultation with right holders and vessels skippers. Conduct biological sampling; Collect biological samples and size composition data from pelagic fishery, inshore trawl fishery and squid; Capture collected samples; Prepare samples for analysis; Provide oceanographic and biological assistance to fisheries research sector. Data collection: Collect CPUE data as per different fishery sector; capture squid factory declaration data; Provide research administration: Maintain office and ensure equipment, laboratory is ready and prepared; Ensure electronic transfer of data/stats of fishery sectors to fisheries resource management. Provide support in surveys and field work.

ENQUIRIES                            : Dr. K Prochazka; Cell No: (083) 302 8191 e-mail:

[email protected] (for enquiries purposes only)

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