Forestry Fisheries and the Environment Circular 26 of 2021



APPLICATIONS                     : May be forwarded to the Director-General, Department of Forestry, Fisheries

and the Environment, Private Bag X447, Pretoria, 0001 or hand-delivered to: Environment House, Erf 1563 Arcadia Extension 6, Cnr Soutpansberg and Steve Biko Road, Arcadia, Pretoria, marked for the attention: Human Resources Management. Applications for Western Cape must be submitted to the Director-General, Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment, For Attention: Private Bag X4390, Cape Town, 8000 or hand-deliver to 14 Loop Street Cape Town

CLOSING DATE                     : 30 August 2021

NOTE                                       : Application must be submitted on a New signed Z83 form obtainable from any

Public Service Department and must be completed in full, also accompanied by copies of all relevant qualifications (Matric Certificate must also be attached), ID document, a valid Driver’s License (attached documentation need not be certified, certification will be requested when required) together with the recent Curriculum Vitae in order to be considered. It is the applicant’s responsibility to have foreign qualifications evaluated by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). The National Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment is an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer. Preference may be given to appointable applicants from the underrepresented designated groups in terms of the Department’s equity plan. Persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Correspondence will be limited to successful candidates only. Short-listed candidates will be subjected to screening and security vetting to determine their suitability for employment, including but not limited to: Criminal records; Citizenship status; Credit worthiness; Previous employment (reference checks); and Qualification verification. Short-listed candidates will be expected to avail themselves at the Department’s convenience. Entry level requirements for SMS posts: In terms of the Directive on Compulsory Capacity Development, Mandatory Training Days & Minimum Entry Requirements for SMS that was introduced on 1 April 2015, a requirement for all applicants for SMS posts from 1 April 2020 is a successful completion of the Senior Management Pre-Entry Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG). The course is available at the NSG under the name Certificate for entry into SMS and the full details can be obtained by following the below link: The successful candidate will be required to provide proof of completion of the NSG Public Service Senior Management Leadership Programme Certificate for entry into the SMS. Furthermore, candidates shortlisted for the SMS post will be subjected to a technical exercise that intends to test relevant technical elements of the job. Following the interview and the technical exercise, the Selection Panel will recommend candidates to attend a generic managerial competency assessment in compliance with the DPSA Directive on the implementation of competency based assessments. The person appointed to this position will be subjected to a security clearance, the signing of performance agreement and employment contract. The Department reserves the right not to make an appointment. If you have not been contacted within three 3 months after the closing date of the advertisement, please accept that your application was unsuccessful.

ERRATUM: Kindly note the post of Director: Revenue Management (Ref No.: FIM02/2021) Post 25/18, the closing date has been extended to 30 August 2021. Also the post of Deputy Director: Donor Fund Financial Oversight and Administration (Adaptive Capacity Facility) (3year contract) with Ref No: CCAQ09/2021 the closing date has been extended to 09 August 2021. Both posts were in advertised in circular 25 of 2021 and the posts advertised in Public Service Vacancy Circular 25 of 2021 dated 16 July 2021, Deputy Director Woodlands and Indigenous Forest Management (Eastern Cape) with Ref No: FOM04/2021. The post has been withdrawn Assistant Director: Woodlands and Indigenious Forest Management (FOM06/2021) should be advertised on salary Level 10 R470 040 Total package R646 193 per annum, conditions apply.






Re-advertisement and previous applicants are encouraged to re-apply.


SALARY                                  : R1 521 591.per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration). The

remuneration package includes a basic salary (70% of package), State’s contribution to the Government Employee Pension Fund (13% of basic salary) and a flexible portion which can be structured according to the individual’s personal needs.

CENTRE                                  : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : An undergraduate qualification in Forest Science/Natural Sciences and a post

graduate qualification (NQF level 8) as recognised by SAQA. Extensive experience in the relevant field. Applicants must have 8-10 years of experience at senior management level. Knowledge and understanding of the State Forests Act, the Subdivision of Agricultural Land Act, the Conservation of Agricultural Resources Act (CARA), the National Forests Act (NFA) and the National Veld and Forest Fire Act (NVFFA). Ability to manage Units and plan for activities, including projects and policy matter. Ability to negotiate with high- level executives in public and private sector, to secure Government’s investments and opportunities. Ability to develop, interpret and apply policies, strategies and legislation. Programme and Project Management skills. Service orientated. Sound organising, planning and leadership skills. Knowledge of HR management practices. Ability to develop, interpret and implement policies, strategies and legislation. Excellent communication, analytical, innovative, problem solving, and interpersonal skills. Knowledge of the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and Treasury Regulations Ability to work under pressure and long hours. Proof of completion of the Senior Management Pre- entry Programme as endorsed by the National School of Government (NSG).

DUTIES                                    : Provide strategic and policy leadership with regards to sustainable forestry

production and woodlands management. Oversee the administration of national forestry production and woodland regulatory services. Promote risk management to ensure sustainable forestry production, and woodlands management. Provide strategic direction and guidance with regards to the management of resources within the Branch. Oversee the management of forestry operations, transfers and land management. Oversee the Department’s participation in national, regional and international structures for purposes of promoting and managing sustainable forestry production, and woodland management.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr G. Ntshane Tel No: 012 3998628 / cell: 079 879 9656




POST 26/29                            :            SPECIALIST SCIENTIST: STOCK ASSESSMENT REF NO: FIM05/2021


SALARY                                  :            R1 246 842 per annum, (An all-inclusive annual remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            A PhD in Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, or Statistics, or a PhD in the

Biological Sciences, or relevant qualification (NQF Level 10), with a strongly quantitative fisheries modelling focus, 10 years’ relevant scientific experience after BSc qualification and Compulsory registration with SACNASP as a professional ( Valid certificate must be attached) Knowledge of: the Marine Living Resources Act; Fishery sector and fisheries management; quantitative assessment techniques for fisheries; including stock assessment models, Operational Management Procedures, Management Strategy Evaluation, and development of stock recovery plans; statistical and analytical software, including “R” and Automatic Differentiation Model Builder (ADMB), and coding; Biology, Ecology, life history strategies and population dynamics of fisheries resources; Scientific methodologies and models; Research and development; Computer-aided scientific applications; legal compliance; Technical report writing; Data analysis; Policy development and analysis; Scientific presentation. Skills: Strategic capability and leadership; Decision making; Team leadership; Analytical skills; Financial management; Customer focus and responsiveness; Communication; Networking; Planning and organizing; Conflict management; People management; Change management; Problem solving and analysis; Programme and project management; Mentoring.


DUTIES                                    :     Perform  final  review  and  approvals  or  audits  on  scientific  projects:  Perform

scientific functions and establish research and regulatory frameworks; Guide the setting of scientific standards, specifications and service levels according to organizational objectives; Monitor and evaluate scientific efficiency. Provide strategic research direction on scientific matters: Provide expert support and advice to stakeholders; Develop relationships and collaborations at national, regional and international levels; Participate actively at national, regional and international arena; Play a lead role in the presentation and exchange of scientific knowledge and information; Review scientific publications. Lead, coordinate and develop scientific models and regulatory frameworks: Design scientific methodology for the analysis of scientific data; Evaluate, monitor and disseminate information; Design and develop appropriate scientific models to generate information and knowledge; Formulate and evaluate proposals and compile reports. Research and development: Continuous professional development to keep up with new technologies and procedures; Lead, co- ordinate and conduct basic (fundamental) and applied research; Ensure knowledge  generation  and  dissemination;   Review  scientific   publications;

*Publish and present research findings; Liaise with relevant bodies / councils on science-related matters; ource funding for research projects. Human Capital development: Mentor, train and develop scientists and others to promote skills

/ knowledge transfer and adherence to sound scientific principles and code of practice; Supervise scientific work and processes; Manage the performance and development of staff.

ENQUIRIES                            : Dr. K Prochazka Tel No: 083-302 8191 e-mail:

[email protected]


POST 26/30                            :            DEPUTY DIRECTOR: PLANNING, MONITORING AND EVALUATION REF:

NO EP9002/2021)


SALARY                                  : R869 007 per annum, (all-inclusive remuneration package)

CENTRE                                  : Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : An appropriate 3-year Bachelor’s Degree/Diploma in Natural Sciences /

Environmental Management. An Honours or Masters qualification will be an added advantage. 3-5 years proven experience in relevant field wetland. Knowledge in monitoring and evaluation, Programme-based natural resource operational planning, research and development in the wetlands field. Together with this, he/she should have intimate knowledge of wetland ecology and relevant GIS applications. The applicant should also have human resource and financial management skills, together with having good, applicable knowledge of Public Service and Departmental procedures and prescripts. The applicant also should have extensive management and technical training to understand operational functioning of the Working for Wetlands (WfWet) programme. Excellent verbal and writing communication skills, strong mentorship skills and be an Analytical and Systems’ thinker. Ability to negotiate with high-level executives in public and private sector, to secure Government’s investments and opportunities. Ability to travel extensively. Ability to work under pressure (responding to complicated management queries on very short notice). Good interpretation of complex data. As this post is senior in the Programme it requires the applicant to be articulate.

DUTIES                                    : Develop and review norms and standards for WfWet projects. Maintain and

update norms for the principal activities carried out by the programme’s projects. Develop and maintain the Programme’s documents on best management practices. Develop and implement planning systems for the Programme. Co-ordinate legislative compliance for all projects, inclusive of requirements of NEMA, the SA Water Act and the South African Heritage Resources Agency. Conduct, support and review research aimed at improving the operations of the Wetlands programmes. Ensure the monitoring and evaluation of the Wetland Programme’s implementation. Coordinate the development and implementation of an integrated system for monitoring and evaluation at all levels of the programme’s operations. Oversee M&E data collection and analysis. Oversee annual performance and audits of projects and coordinate the Department’s response to audit findings. Conduct regular project site visits through all project cycle phases.

ENQUIRIES                            : Mr. U R Bahadur Tel No: (012) 399 8974/80, [email protected]





SALARY                                  :            R402 045 per annum, (OSD)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town

REQUIREMENTS                  : An Honours Degree in Environmental Management/Sciences or relevant

equivalent qualification within related field. Minimum 3 – 5 years’ experience required in a relevant field. Knowledge of application of the relevant national and international prescripts relating to the management of invasive alien species such as the National Environmental Management: Biodiversity Act (NEMBA) and its associated Regulations, the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD), the World Trade Organization Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (WTO-SPS Agreement), the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). Experience and expertise in research and project management; knowledge of the relevant Public Service and Departmental procedures and prescripts. Skills: Computer literacy, Problem solving and interpersonal conflicts, Good communication skills (verbal, writing and other), Problem-solving skills, Project Management

DUTIES                                    : Co-ordinate the provision of capacity within the Working for Water and

associated  programmes  for  the  Biodiversity  compliance  function.  Promote stakeholder engagements to endeavour to secure Biodiversity compliance without the need for enforcement. Support the maintenance of records of all interventions undertaken and follow-up interventions in terms of compliance and enforcement relating to invasive alien species. Co-ordinate the implementation of the strategy to ensure the necessary enforcement interventions for the management of invasive alien species. Provide support on Biodiversity enforcement.

ENQUIRIES                            :            Mr S Kotze Tel No: 082 447 4077


POST 26/32                            :            ASSISTANT DIRECTOR: TRANSFORMATION & SPECIAL PROGRAMMES

REF NO: CMS17/2021


SALARY                                  :            R376 596 per annum

CENTRE                                  :            Pretoria

REQUIREMENTS                  : National Diploma/Degree in Public Administration, Development Studies or

Social Sciences or equivalent relevant qualification. Minimum of three (3) years’ functional experience in Transformation or related field. Two (2) years supervisory experience. Knowledge of Employment Equity Act, Public Service Regulations including broader Transformation mandates, Project Management, Diversity Management and Policy Development. Sound research, numerical, analytical, organizing, planning, presentation, communication skills (verbal and written), interpersonal, coordination and stakeholder liaison and report writing skills. An understanding of commemoration days aimed at increasing awareness on Transformation issues, Proficient in Ms Office packages. A valid driver’s license.

DUTIES                                    : Facilitate the process of developing and implementation of the Employment

Equity Plan, Service Delivery and Transformation programmes including: Culture Intervention Programme, Advocacy and Mainstreaming of Gender, Disability, Youth & Children’s programmes into Departmental Programmes, Projects and Policies. Assist in the development and review of policies, implementation plans and compile monthly, quarterly and annual internal and external compliance sector reports on transformation and special programmes and projects. Coordinate implementation of Transformation programmes, projects and events. Conduct research and draft speeches, articles and briefing notes on Employment Equity, Disability Management, Gender Mainstreaming and Transformation related programmes. Liaise and improve integration with internal and external stakeholders and attend inter- departmental collaboration meetings. Provide secretarial support for Transformation related committees.

ENQUIRIES                            :            Ms L Sebake Tel No: (012) 399 8697


POST 26/33                            :            PRINCIPAL COMMUNICATION OFFICER: MARKETING SERVICES REF

NO: CMS18/2021


SALARY                                  :            R316 791 per annum

CENTRE                                  :            Pretoria


REQUIREMENTS                  : National Diploma in Marketing/ Public Relations or equivalent relevant

qualification. A minimum of 2 years’ experience in Marketing or related field. Knowledge of Event management, Communication procurement procedures, Administrative procedures, Planning and coordination. Ability to gather and analyse information. Knowledge of government communications. Skills requires; effective analytical skills, Organizing and planning skills, Good interpersonal skills and Communication skills. Ability to work under pressure and extra hours.

DUTIES                                    : Provide guidance to internal and external stakeholders on the correct

application of the DFFE brand. Facilitate presentations to staff on CI Manual at induction, branch meetings or info sessions. Assist in providing branding guidance to Departmental units on correct branding application for publications, posters, and other material bearing the Departmental logo. Provide exhibition support at Departmental events. Co-ordinate the Department participation in the exhibition of key national and international observance days. Set-up of exhibition stands. Co-ordinate logistics of registering and booking exhibition space: delivery, setup, collection and repairing of branding items. Develop branding plans which also consist of co- branding splits. Profile the Department by ensuring events are appropriately branded and. Co-host events with other Government departments and ensure the Department partners are appropriately branded with material which is relevant to the specific areas of work. Conduct stock take/audits of departmental branding material. Maintain an up-to-date register of departmental branding stock, reflecting quantities and condition. Provide support for the Department campaigns. Assist in any communication related project/programme in the department. Assist with the logistics and / or communication outputs of events.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms M Tshangela Tel No: (012) 399 9259





SALARY                                  : R316 971 per annum, (R471 365 Total cost to company)

CENTRE                                  : Gansbaai

REQUIREMENTS                  : National Diploma / degree in Nature Conservation / Environmental

Management / Policing / Law (NQF Level 6) or equivalent, 3 years’ experience in law enforcement or related field. A valid driver’s license. Knowledge and understanding of all relevant legislation and regulations that governs the Public Service, including the PFMA, Treasury regulations, Public Service Act, labour Relations Act etc.; Marine Living Resources Act; Criminal Procedure Act, Integrated Coastal Management Acts, National Environmental Management Biodiversity Acts and all departmental procedure and prescripts. Skills: good communication (Verbal and writing), supervisory skills. Management skills, Boat Skipping skill, conflict management. Be willing and able to do work productively under pressure and to meet deadlines. Be willing and able to work shifts, to work after hours and during holidays and to stay on board Patrol Vessel at sea for a month or longer, be available in short notice to travel for work away from home.

DUTIES                                    :          Lead Sea based inspections  of  fishing vessels,  Plan station operations  and

draft Reports, liaise and work jointly with other law enforcement Agencies in executing fisheries compliance and enforcement function, Implement sailing orders and lead the Team onboard the Patrol Vessel to achieve sailing objectives; Consult with the master of the Inshore / Offshore Patrol vessel in terms of the objective of the Sailing Orders; Evaluate surveillance material and information. Consult the Vessel Monitoring Operations Room and obtain vessel specific locations and ensure planning and logistical arrangements; Guide Fisheries Control Officers when approaching and boarding vessels; Accurately complete the compulsory Inspection form; Take appropriate law enforcement action in order to address non-compliance, write statements and testify in court when required to. Conduct sea based inspections of registered and non- registered vessels in fisheries sectors: Lead the sea based Inspections conducted from the Inshore / Offshore Patrol vessel and the station based boats; Consult with the VMS Operations Room and obtain a list of fishing vessels that are operating in the area of their deployment prior to sailing; Ascertain that all fishing vessels at sea are in possession of valid fishing license/s, permit/s, and fish processing establishment (FPE) permits; Ascertain that all fishing vessels are fitted with a functional Vessel Monitoring System


(VMS), Ascertain that all right/ permit holders or skippers onboard comply with all permit conditions. Registering, processing and monitoring of cases and admission of guilt fines: Plan and execute anti-poaching operations with other organs of state; Identify transgression/s and infringements during inspections at sea; Secure exhibits and maintain chain of evidence; Lead the arrest of suspects, confiscation and seizure of the exhibits; Deal with suspects in line with the constitution and the prescripts of the criminal procedures Act. Identify need for operations (based contravention(s) or infringement(s) which warrants the execution of a Special Operation or intervention); Identify other role- players, partners and Stakeholders and contributing to the objective and outcome; Draft and prepare the required submission, motivations and for approval by the Head of the Directorate; Provide a detailed report on completion of Special Operation. Supervise staff: Ensure capacity and development of staff; ensure proper utilization of equipment.

ENQUIRIES                            :          Mr A. Moshani Cell No: 082-3716088 e-mail: [email protected]


POST 26/35                            :            SENIOR MARINE CONSERVATION INSPECTOR: COMPLIANCE REF NO:

FIM07/2021 (X3 POSTS)


SALARY                                  :            R257 508 per annum, (R399 435 Total cost to company)

CENTRE                                  :            Cape Town (Foretrust Building) (X2 Posts) Kleinmond (please indicate preferred centre)

REQUIREMENTS                  :            National Diploma/degree in Nature Conservation / Environmental Management

or equivalent, experience in law enforcement or related field. A valid driver’s license. Knowledge and understanding of all relevant legislation and regulations that governs the Public Service, including the PFMA, Treasury regulations, Public Service Act, labour Relations Act etc.; Marine Living Resources Act; Criminal Procedure Act, integrated Coastal management Acts, National Environmental Management Biodiversity Acts and all departmental procedure and prescripts. Skills: good communication (Verbal and writing), Computer literacy, planning and organizing skills.

DUTIES                                    : Implement and enforce compliance strategies to MLRF legislation: Follow

paper trail from the vessel to factory and buyers that are local and international; Monitor landings; Verify quota holder are on board the vessel ; Verify VMS is reporting to the VMS room; Reconcile their catch on the slipway. Ensure compliance with Port state measures and local policies through inspections. Conduct inspections on Fish Processing Establishments (FPEs): Verification of fish from rights holder, buyer and import; Monitor their report that they submit to the department of any fish processed in their factory that correspond with the landing declaration sheet (Landing Vs Factory Declaration; Serve notices to illegal FPEs, and conduct inspections to FPEs that have relevant permits; Create a data base of exporter and importer for the movement of fish. Enforce the provisions of the MLRA through: Conduct patrols, Inspections, roadblocks and VCP; Conduct inspection on containers, vessels and cold storages with fish or fish products in transit or to be exported; Conduct inspection jointly with customs and SAPS; Open case dockets; issue fines. Ensure that Kingklip as a by-catch of Hake longline is reduce through monitoring of landings: Increase visibility on Hake longline vessel through inspections; Refer over-catching to Section 28 committee. Strengthen partnerships with other organs of state, NGOs and municipalities through regular operations and meetings: Provide guidance and information to partners; Execute monthly operations in the harbor, hotspot areas and the coast. Ensure compliance with the MLRF risk management strategy: Daily updates of Exhibit books, stores, equipment and transgression registers; Report accurately on confiscations; Update pocket and monthly reports.

ENQUIRIES                            : Ms Savel Tel No: 083 533 4919 e-mails: [email protected]

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